Digital Signage wooden prototype

FlatTurtle worked together with Kone to provide digital signage solution in lift cabins.


The FlatTurtle software would be installed both in residential and commercial estates showing location aware and useful content, with at a later stage some added advertisement as return on investment.

We'd provide two options:

  • harder to install flush design (required cutting the aluminum cabin metal, expensive and fairly hard to do as this was manual work)
  • mountable all-in-one box just screwed on the cabin wall (not flush), saving time and costs but slightly sticking out.


The latter would be the preferred option where price matter; installation would be faster and could easily be retrofitted in existing installations.

The very first prototype created was made entirely out of wood, using an LCD panel from China and an Atom NUC.


Power cable could be connected at the back side, and the NUC had both WiFi and wireless modules.

This prototype -- which we still use for pitches -- allowed us to better understand the project: we could estimate the thickness (and show it to the customers), see where we could save space, get a generaly idea of heat dissipation, all that using off the shelf hardware to keep the cost of production as low as possible.

Additional pictures can be found here.

More information about the industrial designed prototype can be found here as well as an installation in a cabin here.